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Why Women Kill  [2019-]
USA - CBS All Access - Why Women Kill

Sadie Calvano - April Warner
Sam Jaeger - Robert Stanton
Ginnifer Goodwin - Beth Ann Stanton
Leo Howard - Tommy Harte
Jack Davenport - Karl Grove
Lucy Liu - Simone Grove
Reid Scott - Eli Cohen
Alexandra Daddario - Jade
Kirby Howell-Baptiste - Taylor Harding
Lana Parrilla - Rita Castillo
B.K. Cannon - Dee Fillcot
Nick Frost - Bertram Fillcot
Allison Tolman - Alma Fillcot
Veronica Falcón - Catherine Castillo
Matthew Daddario - Scooter Polarsky
Jordane Christie - Vern Loomis
Eileen Galindo - Isabel Vega

1. Staffel
1 - Der Kuss der blonden Kellnerin  Murder Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
2 - Du kannst schon wieder?  I’d Like to Kill Ya, But I Just Washed My Hair
3 - Dreier mit Jade  I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and in High Heels
4 - Stoned unter dem Tisch  You Had Me at Homicide
5 - Ehebruch und Kindergarten  There’s No Crying in Murder
6 - Quickie mit Hector  Practically Lethal in Every Way
7 - Koks im Kofferraum  I Found Out What the Secret to Murder Is: Friends. Best Friends
8 - Simone auf dem Schenkel  Marriages Don’t Break Up on Account of Murder – It’s Just a Symptom That Something Else Is Wrong
9 - Die Frau in unserem Bett  I Was Just Wondering What Makes Dames Like You So Deadly
10 - Der letzte Tango  Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time

2. Staffel
1 -   Secret Beyond the Door
2 -   The Woman in the Window
3 -   Lady in the Lake
4 -   Scene of the Crime
5 -   They Made Me a Killer
6 -   Dangerous Intruder
7 -   The Woman in Question
8 -   Murder, My Sweet
9 -   The Unguarded Moment
10 -   The Lady Confesses