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Warrior  [2019-]
USA - Cinemax - Warrior

Andrew Koji - Ah Sahm
Olivia Cheng - Ah Toy
Dean Jagger - Dylan Leary
Kieran Bew - Bill "Big Bill" O'Hara
Dianne Doan - Mai Ling
Jason Tobin - Young Jun
Dustin Nguyen - Zing
Joe Taslim - Li Yong
Perry Yung - Father Jun
Christian McKay - Samuel Blake
Langley Kirkwood - Walter Franklin Buckley
Hoon Lee - Wang Chao
Tom Weston-Jones - Richard Henry Lee
Joanna Vanderham - Penelope Blake
Mark Dacascos - Kong Pak
Chelsea Muirhead - Yan Mi
Chen Tang - Hong
Miranda Raison - Nellie Davenport
Celine Buckens - Sophie Mercer
Adam Rayner - Douglas Strickland

1. Staffel
1 - Der Krieg der Tongs  The Itchy Onion
2 - Tod in Chinatown  There's No China in the Bible
3 - John Chinaman  John Chinaman
4 - Spielschulden  The White Mountain
5 - Blut und Scheiße  The Blood and the Shit
6 - Bombenanschlag  Chewed Up, Spit Out and Stepped On
7 - Der Tiger und der Fuchs  The Tiger and the Fox
8 - Einwanderungsverbot  They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think
9 - Kampf auf Leben und Tod  Chinese Boxing
10 - Ausgestoßen  If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low

2. Staffel
1 - Lernen und leiden  Learn to Endure, or Hire a Bodyguard
2 - Die Spur des Schwertkämpfers  The Chinese Connection
3 - Opium  Not How We Do Business
4 - Anschlag  If You Don't See Blood, You Didn't Come to Play
5 - Willkommen in Sonoma  Not for a Drink, a F*ck, or a G**damn Prayer
6 - Mann gegen Mann  To a Man with a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail
7 - Machtwechsel  If You Wait by the River Long Enough
8 - Auf der Flucht  All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
9 - Die Rache der Iren  Enter the Dragon
10 - Helden  Man on the Wall

3. Staffel
1 - Der falsche Moment für Stolz  Exactly the Wrong Time to Get Proud
2 - Falschgeld  Anything Short of a Blow to the Head
3 - In der besseren Gesellschaft  No Time for F*cking Chemistry
4 - Schmutzige Methoden  In Chinatown, No One Thinks About Forever
5 - Abschiebelager  Whiskey and Sticky and All the Rest Can Wait
6 - Ruf nach Vergeltung  A Soft Heart Won't Do You No Favors
7 - Korrupte Welt  Gotta Be Crooked to Get Along in a Crooked World
8 - Der Tod der Ältesten  You Know When You're Losing a Fight
9 - Erlösung  All of Death Is a Going Home
10 - Alte Freunde, neue Feinde  A Window of F*cking Opportunity